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About Us

About Us 

Hi.  Welcome to Two Birds Wood and Steel.

We are the Bedwells-Mark and Kim, and we make things out of wood and out of steel (hence the name). About a year ago, we were watching Forged In Fire and Mark decided to try and make a knife. One knife became two, and two became three.

He was having way too much fun in the garage, so Kim decided she would join in and decided to make a cutting board. And the rest 'as they say' is history. We now spend our evenings making cutting boards, bowls, knives, and lots of other things. And our Christmas list for family and friends is pretty simple: "more sand paper." 


"Let's go shopping." 

Below you will find our current inventory and some things that we have made and already sold.


If you see something that you like that has been sold, don't worry, just contact us and we can work to make something very similar (all our products are one of a kind and handmade, so exact duplication will not be possible, but we can make something close!) 


If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know. We will quickly respond on whether or not we can make it. 


Two Birds Handcrafted Creations

Why "Two Birds"?


Meet Art and Ella. They are two sand hill cranes who live 'part-time' on our property. They are beautiful, special birds who may or may not love to eat cracked corn for breakfast. When we thought about the two of us working with wood and steel together, the name "Two Birds" just seemed to fit.  


Gallery of Past Projects

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